Hello World!

Hello Readers!

This blog is my fifth or sixth attempt at using WordPress as the platform to recording of all my thoughts. After starting this as a way to procrastinate studying for spring final exams, I have finally figured out what I want this blog to be about. Instead of something similar to what my other blogs are about — my personal life, my love of nature, my space to rant and share my experiences — this will document my journey out from my comfort zone and all that I have known.

As you may guess from the picture at the top of blog, I love the Bay Area. Though the picture is not one I took, it does capture what I love about where I live: the beauty, the nature, the breathtaking Golden Gate Bridge. I am proud to say I call the Bay Area home, though that is only my home away from home. My home, the one that I associate with love, family, and happiness, is Beijing. Moving away from there at a young age, I yearn to go back whenever I have the chance. But more importantly, I want to make my family proud. I want to show them that I really can do it, that I have it in me, especially at a time when nobody believes in me.

Fast forward a few years to now. I am finally stepping out of my comfort zone and everything I have known for the past five or six years to embark on this journey of which at the end, I hope to be a doctor.

My comfort zone as I have known it, is living close to people that I trust, in an environment that I know like the back of my hand. Growing up in a small, suburban location, going to a high school that provided me with an educational setting where teachers focused less on grades and more on the student and the student’s learning, going off to college meant leaving this comfort.

So I found myself in a new environment, in the big city of Los Angeles, surrounded by people so many people that it felt as if my entire town of 50,000 was crammed into the small campus which is known as UCLA. In the two years that I came to know the campus, I learned not only about a new culture but more importantly about myself. The time I spent there truly made me realize the type of person I am, the type of person that I wish to become, and the type of people that I want to surround myself with.

In the two years I spent at UCLA, I also came to discover that it wasn’t the place for me. I love some of the people I met and I can say that I met one of my best friends in my time there. But it just didn’t bring me the joy and experience I had imagined college to be. Thus I applied to transfer.

If you ask me why I wanted to transfer, all I can offer up is the answer that “it didn’t feel right for me”. At the end of this journey which lasted over half a year, I now am no longer a student at UCLA. Come this fall, I will be heading out to Evanston, IL to attend Northwestern University, a proud and scared Wildcat.

Why these mixed emotions? I am extremely happy that NU has accepted me as a transfer student. It is where I thought I would go out of high school but wasn’t able to. Now, as a transfer student, the stakes are so much higher, the expectations greater. Yet I am so thankful for this opportunity, because it is the chance that I am going to take and run with.

Aside from this drastic change in where I will be completing my last two years of university, despite the fact that I will be moving to a part of the country that is completely foreign to me, the most daunting change of all is my decision to pursue medicine as a career. For as long as my close friends from high school have known me, I was the one person who studied science (and loved it) that refused to declare herself as ‘pre-med’. I never let anybody convince me that I should pursue medical school and become a doctor. Yet in the last couple of weeks since my spring quarter ended, I have decided to pursue medicine and embark on this daunting yet thrilling adventure of going down the path of wanting and wishing to be a doctor. The type of doctor, I haven’t given much thought to. What seems appealing is pediatric oncology, or pediatrics, or genetics. I don’t know. I need to let this drastic change sink in before I can really understand where my heart lies.

There are many blogs out there that document personal journeys, individuals who have embarked on the path of becoming a doctor and sharing their story, so thank you for reading my blog. This blog, hopefully, will document the path that I take, the fears and raw emotions I experience along the way. It is my way to document and chronicle the journey that I take, the adventures I go on in the process of reaching my goals, of pursuing my dreams.

It has been a long time coming, an emotional roller coaster. But it has been worth every moment. And now, I hope to share the rest of the journey with you.

So from me, the nerdy, baseball loving foodie, to you, my reader, enjoy.



A New Decade

A New Decade

I am celebrating by taking 3 consecutive final exams. But when it is all said and done, I will be spending my last few moments here in LA and preparing for the second biggest move in my life. In the fall, I will be moving out to the midwest, attending a new university and starting new.

So here’s to goodbyes. Here’s to celebration. Here’s to a new chapter, the beginning of a new decade in my life.

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Welcome :)

I am just an ordinary girl, surrounded by extraordinary people, trying to make a name for herself. This is where I ponder, where I wonder, where I remember and reflect. Something everyday triggers a flood of thoughts and always gets me thinking, what can I do with my life?

So maybe, through here, I will be able to figure it out, I will be able to understand who I am and where I will be going in life. From China to Ohio to California and possibly out to Illinois, I am trying to find my footing in this world. Just another ordinary girl, trying to do something extraordinary in this world.